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Scientology, now available in podcast.

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A. Origins   

     a. Created by L.Ron Hubbard 1951

     b. Dianetics 

B. Controvery

    a. Some claim that they rip off people with their treatments. 

    b. Has gained infamy due to its treatment of people who want to leave. 

C. Impact 

    a. Many influential people have joined the church. 

    b. Has come under attack in recent years. 

D. My thoughts

    a. It is a valid faith.

    b. Treatments actually work.  

    c. Helps people with problems


Multiple Intelligence

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  1. Verbal-linguistic
  2. 1. Howard Gardner 

2. He was an American Psychologist.

b.  Bodily-kinesthetic: Involves muscular movements and such.

Interpersonal: Tend the be introverts, good at social things and are attune to others feelings.

Verbal-linguistic: Good with words. 

Logical-mathematical: People who have are good at logical thinking.

Naturalistic: Good at nature.

Intrapersonal: Self-reflective person. 

Visual-spatial: Good at imaging thing.

Musical: Rhythm and musical stuff. 

3. I’m going to say I’m visual-spatial and inrapersonal. I say this because it just seems to fit. 

4. Kinaesthetic: 8

Linguistic: 11

Logical: 9

Interpersonal: 8

Intrapersonal: 19

Musical: 6

Visual/Spatial: 14

Naturalistic: 8

5. a.No, I predicted my two highest scores.

b.No, I predicted my results effectively.

c. By looking at an example. 

d. Have lots of visual examples. 

e. Give me visuals. 

f. No, they all fail at teaching with visuals. Though some of them try they still fail. 

g. I don’t really know.

Andrew Argueta, Hauler, has been taken by a fey mood.

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This is a blog. 

I am a rather boring person. I enjoy watching the weather channel, not really I’ve never watched the weather channel. Like I said I am rather boring, but others have described me as a sexy shoeless god of war. My hair was rather long over the summer. All pictures of that hair have been destroyed by The Inquisition. I am doing this glorious piece of blogness for Digital art. I hope the learn goods about computors. I have no favorites subjects and until they make bacon a class that will not change. I have no “worse subject” I am perfect in every way. In five years I see myself as the ruler of the universe, this will of course be after I defeated Cthulhu in combat. I have 2 siblings, whom I hate because I know they are plotting against me. Their plots usually involve Chinesee children. 

Now to the questions that I HAVE to answer. 

1. I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. Not really a book but still winsome either way.

2. Cowboy Bebop. Bang.

3. I enjoy progressive metal. Yeah Dream Theater, Shadow Gallery and such.

4. I enjoy science fiction and horror movies. Both genres go well together, Event Horizon, need i say more?

8. I would travel to R’lyeh. Yes its real.

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!