Andrew Argueta, Hauler, has been taken by a fey mood.

This is a blog. 

I am a rather boring person. I enjoy watching the weather channel, not really I’ve never watched the weather channel. Like I said I am rather boring, but others have described me as a sexy shoeless god of war. My hair was rather long over the summer. All pictures of that hair have been destroyed by The Inquisition. I am doing this glorious piece of blogness for Digital art. I hope the learn goods about computors. I have no favorites subjects and until they make bacon a class that will not change. I have no “worse subject” I am perfect in every way. In five years I see myself as the ruler of the universe, this will of course be after I defeated Cthulhu in combat. I have 2 siblings, whom I hate because I know they are plotting against me. Their plots usually involve Chinesee children. 

Now to the questions that I HAVE to answer. 

1. I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. Not really a book but still winsome either way.

2. Cowboy Bebop. Bang.

3. I enjoy progressive metal. Yeah Dream Theater, Shadow Gallery and such.

4. I enjoy science fiction and horror movies. Both genres go well together, Event Horizon, need i say more?

8. I would travel to R’lyeh. Yes its real.


2 Responses to “Andrew Argueta, Hauler, has been taken by a fey mood.”

  1. inquisition? as in the inquisition that nobody expects?
    ruler of the world? lolyearight shantanu is totally taking that spot.
    R’lyeh is win.

  2. epsillyon Says:

    Who is this Cthulhu?

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