Multiple Intelligence

  1. Verbal-linguistic
  2. 1. Howard Gardner 

2. He was an American Psychologist.

b.  Bodily-kinesthetic: Involves muscular movements and such.

Interpersonal: Tend the be introverts, good at social things and are attune to others feelings.

Verbal-linguistic: Good with words. 

Logical-mathematical: People who have are good at logical thinking.

Naturalistic: Good at nature.

Intrapersonal: Self-reflective person. 

Visual-spatial: Good at imaging thing.

Musical: Rhythm and musical stuff. 

3. I’m going to say I’m visual-spatial and inrapersonal. I say this because it just seems to fit. 

4. Kinaesthetic: 8

Linguistic: 11

Logical: 9

Interpersonal: 8

Intrapersonal: 19

Musical: 6

Visual/Spatial: 14

Naturalistic: 8

5. a.No, I predicted my two highest scores.

b.No, I predicted my results effectively.

c. By looking at an example. 

d. Have lots of visual examples. 

e. Give me visuals. 

f. No, they all fail at teaching with visuals. Though some of them try they still fail. 

g. I don’t really know.


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  1. your good at learning every way possible in my opinion.

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