Talk about L. Ron. Mention dianetics and the founding. Talk about the xenu arc. Treatments depend on individuals. After all results may vary applies to everything. The fact that many famous and influential people have joined proves nothing. Consider that all the big religions have many influential people among its ranks. The people attacking the group need to realize that people have the right to make choices and that if one chooses to join the scientology then no one should interfere. My opinions on it are that people have a right to choose and just because some people claim to have a bad experience with the group that doesnt mean its bad. I mean if it helps anyone at all then it cant be all bad.


L.Ron was honorably discharged from the navy, with no readmission.

After a video of tom cruise saying what amounted to nonsense was uploaded to the internets. sci church threatened to sue video sites such as youtube. the internet group known as anonymous started protest world wide.


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