Surreal Collage Part 1

3. Surrealism, is an art movement that began in the early 20’s. It involved some very dream like images that often involved philosophical ideas.

4.The Elephant Celebes (1921) by Max Ernst

The Persistence of Memory(1931) by Salvador Dalí.

5. The theme of The Elephant Celebes is basically the elephant in the room type thing. It is so big and strange that it can’t be avoided.

The theme of The Persistence of Memory is that  people waste time and in the end only memory remains.

6. The elephants body reminds me of a kettle or pot. And then we have the mannequin which albeit nude still resembles a mannequin.

The clocks albeit melting are still clocks. And a cliff type thing is present in the background.

7. The main body of the elephant looks metallic. Its trunk is a hose and there is an animal like nose with horns on it at the tip of said trunk. It also appears to be a seat on top of the elephant. There is also a naked mannequin or headless person.

The are melting clocks and ants coming out of a clock. There is a large object in the center that I’ve always thought to be a walrus for some reason. And in the background there is a cliff and a some water. And also a smooth surface in the background.

8. The artist meant to say the horror of the war machines of his time.

Dali most likely wanted to say that time is irrelevant.


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