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Logo Research

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1.  The company I am designing a logo for is a video game developer.

2. I will be making one from scratch.

3. games, excitement, adventure, mystery.

4. I was thinking of using a simplified picture of Cthulhu (I have it pictured in my head just can’t really describe it). So mostly like Cthulhu in some way because is Cthulhu is awesome.

5. (shutdown but still my favorite logo) (again shutdown but still great, Forgotten Realms: Baldur’s Gate 2 anyone?)

Possible names: Old Ones Studios, Katolu Studios, Cosmic Terror Studios, Cosmic Entity Studios (possible names thought I’d put them down somewhere)


Logo Blog Questions

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1. A logo is a graphic that conveys the owner’s intended message.

2. The logo design process goes as follows: brief, research, reference, sketching and conceptualizing, reflection, presentation, delivery, support.

3. The five principles of logo design are Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile, Appropriate.

4. I find that the IBM logo is very well done. It is simple, it does not have any intricate details for it is just the company name with lines running through it. The logo it self is very memorable, it is simple and yet appropriate for its market. The IBM logo has been around for some time now and all this time they have been doing the same thing with the same logo since 1972. The IBM logo could be printed a number of ways ranging from size to color and still have the same effect. Also, the logo it self has a serious look which is very appropriate for being in the computer technology and IT consulting business.

5. The Palma High School logo is terribly designed. It is not very simple; I couldn’t reproduce it by hand and it has text in Latin which just serves to confuse people. A memorable logo is simple and appropriate, this logo is neither so it is in no way memorable. Albeit I’m not exactly sure how long Palma has had that logo, but no matter how long it has been the logo it is nonetheless a terrible logo for the school. The Palma logo is not very versatile since the only memorable aspect of it are the colors (not very memorable mind you) for example if one were to print it say in black and white it would lose any power it had (again very little). It is not very appropriate, it looks nothing like what a logo for a school should look like it is far too complex and doesn’t really appeal to the target consumer, parents/students.

Surrealist Collage-Final

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2. Got more experience in cropping items out of a photo. Using backgrounds that are dark to set mood. Trying to tell a story with art.

3. Well the project involved excessive amounts of cutting which took some time. And I personally like the results so I wouldn’t change anything.

4.  I would say it meets the standards in both criteria.

5. I liked Jose Ponce’s, Mario Jamie’s, Scott Kuramura, and Robert Poochinelli’s. Jose’s was just great. Mario’s had all these nice colors. Scott’s had my clock. And Robert’s was cool because of the water in San Francisco.

No one can hear you when you're screaming in digital.

No one can hear you when you're screaming in digital.

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Surrealist Collage Rubric

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The piece meets the partially meets the standards for both criteria. It is incomplete, as of now still a work in progress