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Ad Critique

Posted in Uncategorized on December 14, 2009 by billymaysisalive

Ad: LIM College

1. It appeals to Logos and Pathos. It tells you numbers and an ad for a school. Also it plays on the emotion of potential fashion students.

Ad: American University

1. The ad appeals to Logos. It talks about majors and such but not much else.


1. Logos and Pathos. It tells you the place where impact is made which is IUPUI, and that if you want to make an impact you must attend IUPUI.

Ad: Concordia College

1. Ethos and Pathos. Ethos because the person in the picture appears to be happily doing volunteer work. And Pathos because showing that personĀ  tells people that at that school they will do amazing things, such as dig, can you dig? NO! Go the Concordia College.


1. Pathos. I mean look at those kids, they are working on art being all happy and such, are your kids happy? NO! Send them to Yokohama International School. That is what that ad is telling parents.

Ad: St. Edward’s University

1. Pathos and Ethos. You look at the person in the ad, she looks confident and happy. Using that person, the ad tells people that at St. Edward’s University they make confident and happy people.

2. I would say they all appeal to the Super-Ego since they are schools and also the Ego since it has to balance stuff like school and basic impulses.

3. The St. Edward’s University works the best, since it is a simple image with a catch phrase and little junk to clutter it up. It appeals to its audience by showing them what they should want to become and that that can be achieved at St. Edward’s University.

4. That would be the Yokohama International School, it bombards the viewer with too much information and pictures that is simply not attractive. To be frank I would simply skip over this ad while looking at it. There is no “catch,” nothing interesting at all.


Package Design

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a. I used some brushes and added a new font on a mac which was simple, in fact too simple, I would rather struggle with my fonts.

b. The hardest part was coming up with a concept for the both the board and the shirt. The challenge of course was to make them related and still look decent.

c. I can clearly see emphasis and unity. Emphasis on the board is on Samus on her gunship and on the shirt its on the metroid. The unity of the whole thing is that they all are sprites from one game in the Metroid series. Also balance is present, the elements on both the board are not heavier on one side or another.

d. I would give myself a 29/30.

Note: In the Metroid series, the creature, metroid, latches on to its victim and sucks the life out of it. The point of the shirt is that in reality metroids do not realize that they are killing their victims, but in fact only want a hug.