Package Design

a. I used some brushes and added a new font on a mac which was simple, in fact too simple, I would rather struggle with my fonts.

b. The hardest part was coming up with a concept for the both the board and the shirt. The challenge of course was to make them related and still look decent.

c. I can clearly see emphasis and unity. Emphasis on the board is on Samus on her gunship and on the shirt its on the metroid. The unity of the whole thing is that they all are sprites from one game in the Metroid series. Also balance is present, the elements on both the board are not heavier on one side or another.

d. I would give myself a 29/30.

Note: In the Metroid series, the creature, metroid, latches on to its victim and sucks the life out of it. The point of the shirt is that in reality metroids do not realize that they are killing their victims, but in fact only want a hug.


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