Chp 7.1-7.6

1. Key frames originated from the days of hand drawn animation.

2. Tweening came from high payed animators sending their key frames to lesser payed animators and it is called interpolation in the digital world.

3. To preview in real time you hit the zero on the number pad.

4. The four best short cuts are home, end, page up, and page down.

5. The keyframe you want to change, if not selected, will not do anything or if something else is selected that will change.

6. The reset button will restore the layer to its original place.

7. The short cuts are opaci’t’y, ‘r’otation, ‘a’nchor points, ‘p’osition, and ‘s’cale.

8.Right click on the property then hit reset.

9. It moves things around and brings them to a certain location on the screen.

10. The opacity makes a layer more or less opaque.

11. To create jitter you hit page up and change the opacity changing it to different values.

12. The scale property resizes layers.

13. Once raster gets higher than 100% they lose quality.Raster based files are images with pixels.


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