Chp 7.7-7.11

1. Animating the rotation property rotates the layer.

2. Animating the anchor property moves the layer but not the anchor point. Its important because It allows us to move the layer but keep the layer the same.

3. It is important to not animate the anchor point after animating the position because it will cause unwanted effects with the layer.

4.  A work area is the a space in the footage time line, and you set it by dragging the left work area to the desired point and the same goes for the right one.

5. Some shortcuts are ‘b’ to set the beginning  of the workspace and ‘n’ to set the end one.

6. The keyframe navigator navigates keyframes, informs if you are on a keyframe, and it inserts a duplicate key frames into the timeline.

7. Some short cuts you can use in the navigator are ‘k’ to go to the next keyframe , ‘j’ to go to the previous, ‘u’ to show all keyframes, and ‘uu’ to show all the properties that have been changed from default.


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