Chp 5.

1. Compositions are storage for video, audio, and/or text which can be placed in a larger compositions.

2. They are expressed in pixels.

3. Pixels on computers are square. On a TV they are not usually square.

4. NTSC stands for Nation Television Standards Committee and is used in the US. PAL stands for Phased Alternating Line and is used in Europe.

5. FPS for NTSC is 29.97, for film it is 24 FPS, and for HD it can get up to 60 FPS.

6. It converts the duration to the next level in time (5 mins, 5 hours etc)

7. Drag and drop the footage to the new comp button.

8. The gray and white checkerboard button is the transparency grid icon.

9. The critical components of comps are the layers inside of them.

10. The stacking order of layers is that the layer that is on top of the of a layer will appear on top of that layer.

11. Null objects are objects that are used as controllers for other layers.

12. Holding down the shift key when scaling an image balances out the scale proportions.

13. To duplicate a layer you hit ctrl>d and command>d.

14. To align and distribute layers  find the align and distribute the align in the windows drop down menu and then you hit ctrl>a of command>a to selct everything and then hit the align in a line button on the align button.

15. Pre-composing is making a series of layers that can be edited as one.

16. To create markers in the timeline click the chevron on the right.

17. To navigate markers you hit the numbers on the main keyboard.

18. To play audio you hit 0 on the number pad or the rightmost button on the time controls panel.

19. To add markers to layers you hit the ‘*’ on the numpad.

20. To add comments, you double click the marker and add desired comment.


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