Chp 9.

1. Interpolations is the stuff that occurs in between keyframes

2. Easing allows us to change the speed at which layers reach keyframes.

3. Easy ease out is a keyframe that makes the layer start out slow and end fast.To select it you right click on the keyframe and find keyframe assistant

4. Easy ease out makes the layer start slow and end fast.

5. Easy ease makes the layer start slow, go fast in the middle, and end slow

6. Motion sketch allows us to draw a path that the layer would follow. It travels at the same speed at which it was sketched.

7. The wiggler the wiggler adds keyframes that set a layers properties to random.

8. The smoother smooths the paths drawn in motion sketch.

9. Spatial path changes where an object is. Temporal graph changes where the object will be.

10. Motion tracker can be used to stabilize footage.

11. Auto orientation points the object in the direction it is going.

12. Expressions is a coding language after effects uses.


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