Chp 12.

1. The list of effects is found  under the Effects & Presets preset panel, and you apply them by double clicking the effect.

2. You turn off effects by going to the master effect switch in the timeline panel.

3. Motion blur is something that can be applied to to layer that makes the layer blur as it moves.

4. CC is CyCore and it is a third party effect. It can also be crowd control.

5. Somethings that can be done with the blur effect is adding motion blurs to moving layers.

6. With the distort effects you can change certain aspects of the image.

7. The light effects give layers different affects that change the effects with lights such as glow, lens flare, and light sweep.

1. Shatter is an auto animating effect that lets us animate the affect of something being shattered.

2. Camera position tells us that the effect is fully 3d.

3. Some of the affects are color level, hue saturation, brightness, and tint.

4. Bridge allows us to import files from other adobe products and also allows us to preview them.

4. Bridge


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