Chp 13

1. To create a text box you can hit the horizontal type tool in the toolbar on top of the interface and drag a box. To accept the text you can hit the selection tool or hit enter on the number pad.

2. When you hold all the modifier key and the ‘T’ key is held it places a cursor in the middle of the screen.

3. The auto-open panels show the panels that relate to the current tool being used.

4. Leading is the space between lines of text and it got its name from print mechanics and lead which was inserted into the space of the lines.

5. Tracking is the option to create equal spacing across a range of letters.

6. To animate portions of text you hit the animate button on the text layer and animate like otherwise.

7. The wiggly selector takes a certain value and randomly sets it to letters.

8. To get to the text animation presets open the presets folder in the after effects folder.

9. U and UU shows all keyframes and all changed properties respectively.

10. To display safe zone you go to the bottom of the composition panel to the target icon click and select title/action safe they are used to ensure what we want to be seen is seen.


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