Chp 14 and 15.

1. To trim a clip your drag the edge of the layer’s bar in the timeline panel and set it to the desired point.

2. To make the clip got to frame 0 you hit the home key.

3. The keyboard shortcut to trim an inpoint and an out is ‘alt’ and the left or right bracket respectively. ‘I’ takes you to the inpoint and ‘O takes you to the outpoint.

4. If you alt double click on a film clip it opens up the footage in a footage panel.

5. The footage panel can be used without adding the footage to the composition.

6. The slip edit function keeps the in and outpoints the same while slipping the content around.

7. To split a layer you hit ctrl+shift+d. The reason for doing this is to insert a clip in between another clip.

8. Stretching makes a clip run faster or slower.

9. To mask objects you select the rectangle tool from the toolbar and drag around what needs to be masked.

10. To create a track mat switch from switches/modes and select the desired effect from the drop down menu.

11. A garbage matte is a simple way to eliminate unwanted outer things in layer.

12. Keylight is an effect that allows us to select a color on the background and basically eliminate it.

13.  You remove a green screen in AE by using keylight.


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