Chp 17.

1. It means to work in a 3d layer being able to move flat layers in a 3d enviroment.

2. Checking the cube in the layer panel enables 3d. The values are x,y, and z.

3. X is left and right, Y is up and down, and Z is towards or away from.

4. Red is x, green is y, blue is z.

5. Typically we do not want to animate the 3d orientation.

6. A null object is a fill-in for a regular layer.

7. The children inherit the properties of the parent object.

8. Per character animation allows us to add a z-axis to our layers. It works by giving a text’s properties z-axis settings.

9. You must enable 3d layers.

10. To make sure a layer can cast shadows you must turn on Cast Shadows in the material options for that layer. Also, the background layer must a z-axis value.

11. View ports give us more perspectives on our layer. They work by opening up different views of different angles on the project.

12. The difference between local and world axis mode is that local axis mode moves the layer to the solids axis not what would be our and world axis mode moves the object from our perspective.


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