Chp 20.

1. The render queue is a module in AE that gives us control over the exporting of composition. To access it you hit Ctrt+Shift+/

2. Resolution in after effects means that amount of pixels in a rendered composition.

3. You would use clipnotes to help with the review of a video with comments. It uses Acrobat, and it works by letting a reviewer adding comments in a composition.

4. To export to multiple sources, you would select the output module and hit Ctrl+d. It duplicates the output module.

5. The shortcut to add a sequence to the queue  Ctrl+Shift+/.

6. The compression type plays the biggest role in quality and file size.

7. CODEC stands for Compression and Decompression because it has to do both.

8. The purpose of the dialogue in Adobe Media Encoder is to allow us to output content for specific media devices.

9. Device central is a way to preview footage in different cellphones.


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